County Hall

As part of Narative’s on going exhibition at county hall Worcester, we will be rotating some of the works shown between now and september, so please if you get chance to see the current work don’t hesitate.

Art at County Hall

We are almost there! From tomorrow art works from our members will be avalible to view outside the council chambers at County Hall this is our second Exhibition as a group. So get down and see the works. The open event is on the 08/05/15 details to be posted soon. The majority of works are for sale so it’s also

a chance to grap some contempory work.

ART in County Hall

Narrative are pleased to announce our second Exhibition which starts on the 27/04/2015 at Worcester County Hall. Our Open event will be held on the 08/05/2015, times will be announced. All FREE of charge!


New Art West Midlands

Myopia – Performed at The Garage, Worcester University, Emma Starkey (2014)

Narrative would like to congratulate Emma Starkey ( for winning the Turning Point West Midlands prize at New Art West Midlands tonight. It is an honour to have such a great artist amongst our narrative.

Rachel Bradley (Head of Art Market for NAWM) Commented on ‘Attempting Omega’ in conversation as “Graceful”.

Emma Starkey thanks Amna Malik, John  Newling, Bedwyr William and John Butler for selection her for New Arts West Midlands. Lisa Beauchamp and Rachel Bradley for their hard and tireless work in curating and organising New Art West Midlands and also thanks Turning Point West Midlands for selecting her their for their prize.

Thank you!

Narrative amongst art would like to make a special thanks to everyone who visited the exhibition over the past month, your support has been much appreciated, and also to our hosts Worcester Arts Workshop and Cafe Bliss. Narrative amongst art would also like to send out a very special thanks to our participating artists, some who only had very little time to prepare:


Collective Unconscious (Performances)


Harriet Cater (Paintings, Installing, Invigilating, Curator 06/02/2015)


Jack Devaraux (Illustration)


Sarah Potter (Paintings, Installation, Installing)


Emma Starkey (Performances, Paintings, Curator, Invigilating)


Robin Woodward (Performances, Paintings, Sculpture, Curator, Invigilating)

There are more photos/stills to come and please stay tuned to Narrative amongst art for future events and exhibitions.